Friday, July 28, 2006

Saturday Night at the Valley

Each and every Saturday night at Paradise Valley we host a party. These parties are clothing optional. If you live in the North Atlanta area, or plan to visit, please consider visiting Paradise Valley. So many people remember the old " nudist colonies." Today's clothing optional resorts are nothing like a "nudist colony." The only similarity is that people have the freedom to be free from textile restrictions.

Paradise Valley and Paradise Lakes in Florida offer members and guests the opportunity to wear as little or as much clothing as they feel comfortable. Once you experience sunbathing, swimming and relaxing in the nude, you will find it difficult to go back to wearing a swimsuit. There is nothing sexual about being nude, the enjoyment is about the freedom to enjoy life like it was meant to be.

If you are curious, but not ready to visit the Valley, please feel free to call me at 706-265-6110 and I will be happy to discuss any questions, concerns or issues you might have. Remember, once you visit, you will be back. Members share with me memories of their first visit, so maybe I can share them with you, so you will feel more comfortable.

Enjoy the summer at the Valley.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Open House July 14th

I receive calls asking about a tour, or calls asking about the resort and my standard answer is, " please, stop by and tour the facility." Well Friday night is your chance to tour the facility with your clothes on. Yes, this Friday, we welcome everyone to visit Paradise Valley Resort between the hours of 6 pm and midnight. Drop by, enjoy snacks in the lodge and talk to the members, meet the staff, see why Paradise Valley is Georgia's best kept secret.

If you would like more information, please call me in the office at 706-265-6110 and I will personally answer your questions. This Friday will be a fun filled evening with no pressure to undress. Bring a bathing suit and take a swim in our pool or just relax in the hot tub.