Monday, August 28, 2006

The Rally In The Valley In Review

For all those bikers out there, if you missed the "Rally In The Valley" last week, you have another chance this spring. Due to the overwhelming success of the Rally, Paradise Valley Resort is going to host a spring Rally. Watch this blog for more details.

The weekend event started off on Friday night, with DJ Karen at the controls. The party was like no other Friday night. It was fun and the energy level was on overdrive. Saturday morning started early with motorcyclist arriving as early as 8 am. The lower parking lot was reserved for bikers and the lot soon filled with chrome trimmed motorcycles. Breakfast was served in the lodge from 8 to 10 am. We had several guests from other area nudist resorts. It was so much fun meeting folks from as far away as North Carolina. Yes, we had a motorcyclist that picked up a flyer while having his bike repaired in North Carolina and drove 5 hours to attend the Rally.

Next year, we are going to have a contest to see who traveled the farthest to attend the Rally.

At 10:30, the bikes took off for a nice fun run (poker run) through the mountains of North Georgia. Everyone had a great time and returned to find a catered lunch waiting in the lodge. After lunch, we hosted several poolside games, including a frozen t-shirt contest. 11 contestants in all, but there was no competition, Linda C. had her t-shirt on in two minutes flat. Great job Linda.

The bike games followed, it was exciting. We played the hot dog on a string contest, water balloon contest, tennis ball on the cones contest and even a hoola hoop contest. We then presented the winners with prizes or trophies. We held a tattoo contest, male & female and a best of show motorcycle contest.

As the evening quieted down, the band started up. Yes, a live band at the Valley. Risky Business played till 1am. Everyone had a great time and can't wait till next years spring event.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Visit Paradise Valley

As the manager of Paradise Valley Resort in Dawsonville, the greatest challenge has been to reach our target market.

How do you let folks know what Paradise Valley is all about. When people first hear clothing optional or nudity, it often brings thoughts of " nudist camps or campgrounds."

Although Paradise Valley started about 30 years ago as Hidden Valley, a nudist campground in North Georgia. Today Paradise Valley is a full service resort, offering a new lodge with a full liquor bar, tennis, three swimming pools, two hot tubs, full service RV hook-ups, camp sites and now condominiums.

The difference with Paradise Valley and other clubs is that we are Clothing Optional, this means you can stay fully dressed or take it all off. It is up to you.

Every Friday and Saturday night, we host parties, with a DJ, in the new lodge. We have billiards, darts, a fashion boutique and satellite TV's on the wall. If you live or travel in North Atlanta, why fight the downtown crowds, try Paradise Valley. The only difference between the lodge at Paradise Valley and a Buckhead bar is that the guests have a choice to dance fully dressed, topless or totally nude.

Our drink prices are less than midtown bars and best of all, after you party, why not take a dip in the heated pool or hot tub?

Here are a few pictures taken this past week at the resort.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paradise Valley In The News

Paradise Valley Make The News!

Today's Living Section of the AJC.

Here is a link to the article.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Paradise Valley Newsletter 8/09/06

Paradise Valley Resort - Newsletter 08/09/06 - 08/16/06

Friday 8/11 --DJ Karen 9pm - 1 am
Saturday 8/12 --DJ Ann 9pm - 1 am
Sunday 8/13 --Pizza Party 6 - 7 pm

Tuesday 8/15 ComplimentaryPoolside Lunch1pm - 3 pm

Friday 8/18 Party At The Lodge 9pm - 1 am

Saturday 8/19 Poolside PartyJust Be Here!

Saturday 8/19 Couples PartyMore information next week.

Rally In The ValleyWeekend Non-Riders Welcome $21 includes Meals
Please help promote the Rally, tell your friends, tell your neighbors.

Condo Update:The condo units are nearing completion. We have 4 units still available. If you have a deposit on a future unit and would like to discuss moving your reservation to one of the built units, please see Jeff.

Interested in a Massage? Appointments available during the week and on weekends.
1 hour massage $65

Looking to Sell, Looking to Buy.
We will be offering a classified section on our weekly newsletters. Ads will be available for rentals, new and used personal items, like cameras, appliances, cars, etc.
The cost will be very reasonable and you will be able to drop off your ad in the office or e mail Sylvia.
What about personal ads? Looking for that special someone who enjoys the nudist lifestyle?

Special Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a special thanks to a few members of the Paradise Valley Resort family.

AnnJoy has been publishing the Valley newsletter for several years. She has volunteered her time and energy each week to produce a newsletter to keep the members informed. From this point forward, the newsletter will be handled by Paradise Valley staff and will be incorporated into the new Paradise Valley website currently under construction. The Paradise Valley staff and members appreciate all her efforts and commitment to making the Valley a great place to be.

Barry and AnnJoy have organized events for the past few years, including scheduling, coordinating and following through to make sure the planned events are enjoyed by all the members and guests. Due to the tremendous growth this past year, and the future planned growth for next year, we are currently creating a paid position for an event coordinator at Paradise Valley. The Paradise Valley Resort staff wishes to thank Barry and AnnJoy for all their hard work in making the Valley a special place for everyone to enjoy.

Claude and Nancy have been residents of Paradise Valley for many years. Nancy works full time in Corporate America, but loves to spend her weekends around the pool promoting Paradise Valley. Nancy is known for her poolside giveaways.

Claude is often seen helping and working with Troy, the maintenance man. Many members do not realize that Claude is donating his time and energy to make Paradise Valley a more enjoyable facility. Claude and Nancy are Paradise Valley Ambassadors. Next time you see Claude or Nancy, please take a minute and thank them for all they do for the members and guests of Paradise Valley.

This Week At The Lodge:

Friday Night: DJ Karen will be playing your favorite tunes Friday night in the Lodge from 9 pm till 1 am. If you have a request, please let her know. We now have paper and pens in the Lodge to write down your requests. The DJ will do his or her best to play a selection of music to please the crowd and keep the party going.

Saturday Night: DJ Ann will be spinning the tunes from 9pm till 1 am. If you like to party, don't miss the party this Saturday night. The weather forecast is calling for beautiful weather all weekend long.

Sunday At Paradise: The bar opens at 12:30. The weather is warm and the water is cool, so enjoy the day at the Valley. Sunday evening, we will be hosting a free pizza party from 6 pm till 7 pm. If you are staying for the weekend, please stop in the lodge and enjoy some hot fresh pizza.

Pool Rules:
As manager of the resort, I am always available to talk to members to listen to suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism and complaints. There seems to be three repeated complaints and I would like to address them in this newsletter. Maybe we can all work together to improve the Valley.

Cell Phones vs. Camera Phones: As the manager of the Valley, it is often brought to my attention that members or day guests have cell phones at the pool and could very easily be taking pictures. If you are a member or guest and see any suspicious activity, please report it to management, security or any Paradise Valley staff member quickly. We will be posting new signs concerning our cell phone policy, but we all know those with a hidden agenda do not follow the rules.

If a member or guest is found to have used a camera cell phone to take unauthorized photos on Paradise Valley Resort property, they will be asked to leave and will not return. Please report suspicious activity quickly. It does not help us to receive complaints two days or two weeks later. We need to take quick action to prevent this inappropriate activity.

Reserving Lounge Chairs: Earlier this year there seemed to be some confusion concerning the lounge chair availability. Since the policy was already set for the season when I started as manger and had changed several times, I felt it was better to suspend the current chair cover system and start a new policy next year. We will have a new policy next year in place by December 2006. Signs and rules only work if all the members work together. During the Rally In The Valley and over the
Labor Day weekend, please try your best to only hold or reserve a lounge chair with your towel, if you plan to use it.

Smoking: This is a policy change that needed to be addressed for some time. There is no smoking in the lodge. Members and guests may not smoke under the overhangs or eves of the lodge building. This means smoking on the ledge in front of the Plexiglas windows and the walkway adjacent to the door. Our insurance policy is rated for a non-smoking building. Please follow these requests and help us from needing to post signs here, there and everywhere.

The rules state, "No Smoking In The Pool." This was intended to stop ashes from dropping in the pool water as well as allow members who do not smoke, the opportunity to enjoy the pool smoke free. Recently we have guests and members smoking while sitting on the edge of the pool. I have had members who have explained that sitting on the edge with their feet in the water is not swimming, others have complained that they have smoked in the pool for years, long before I started at the Valley. Either way, the intent of the rule is to allow smokers and non-smokers an enjoyable clothing optional experience.

Again, posting more signs is not the answer, please be courteous to your fellow members and guests. I attended an AANR Florida marketing meeting in June. One repeated complaint about AANR clothing optional clubs seems to be the number of signs. Like the old song lyrics, "Signs, signs, every where a sign." The answer is not signs, the answer is to work together to make your visit to Paradise Valley Resort enjoyable and stress free.

As one very nice member told me, " he comes here to have fun and relax, when visiting the Valley is no longer fun and relaxing, he will stop visiting." We need members and guests, everyone wants to have fun and relax. Please try and make today at the Valley more fun and relaxing than yesterday.

Rally In The Valley:
On August 26th, Paradise Valley will be hosting the 1st Annual Rally In The Valley. This motorcycle event will be designed for riders and non-riders alike. If you have a motorcycle, please bring it to the event. If you don't, but enjoy fun and great food, please plan on attending.

The schedule of events are as follows:

8 am till 10 am - Registration and continental breakfast.
10 am till 10:30 am - Meet and Greet
10:30 am - Fun Run ( a ride through the North Georgia Mountains)
12: 30 pm - Catered lunch in the lodge
2 pm - Bike games on the field
4 pm - Awards - Trophies, prizes and lots of fun. ( Tattoo contest, Most Unique Bike contest, and more)
6:30 pm - Bar-B-Q buffet in the lodge.
8:30 pm - Live music by Risky Business ( Co-sponsored by Skellys Bar & Grill)
Bike and Rider Registration is $29 includes a Bare Cheeks Biker T-ShirtAdditional Passenger Registration is $21
Members and Day Guests $ 21
The above prices include continental breakfast, catered lunch and a Bar-B-Q buffet.
If you know any motorcycle enthusiast, please help spread the word, the Rally In The Valley is August 26th.

The New Valley Website and Newsletter:
Paradise Valley Resort staff will be designing and implementing a new web site in the Fall of 2006. Several changes and improvements will be available. The newsletter will be available on line each week. No need to keep watching your inbox, just click on the new web site and you will see the newsletter link.

Another added feature will be a method to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter. This will all potential guests and web surfers all over the world to join without needing to call the office and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

Looking to Buy or Sell your lot? The new website will feature a real estate page. Currently members who wish to sell their lots or units post signs in front of their lot hoping a guest or member will drive by and see the sign. If you would like to advertise your lot or unit, please contact Jeff or Sylvia in the office.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rally In The Valley

Join The Fun At Paradise Valley, August 26th.

Paradise Valley Resort will be hosting the 1st annual Motorcycle "Rally In The Valley." If you are not a biker, but would like to attend, the cost is $21. This includes continental breakfast, catered lunch and a Bar-B-Q buffet. We will have a live band on Saturday night at the lodge.

If you are a vendor, we will be offering free booth rent for the 1st Annual Rally In The Valley. For information, please call Jeff or Sylvia in the Paradise Valley Office at 706-265-6110.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Changes at the Valley

In the next few weeks you will see several changes in the method used to send out information. For starters, I will be building a new web site for the Valley. It will be simple, yet informative.

Each week, we will be able to send out a newsletter link, this link will go to a newsletter page on the website that will be updated weekly. Many members have experienced problems receiving the newsletter, this way you will be able to read the newsletter simply by clicking on the new website.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for making the weekly newsletter more informative, please let me know.

Paradise Valley will be hosting the "Rally In The Valley." This will be a day of fun and sun.

For one low price, bikers will be welcome into the Valley at 8 am. Coffee and Danish will be served in the Lodge. There will be plenty of time to "meet and greet." Followed by a Poker Bike Run. Participants will return to the Valley for a light catered lunch. Time to enjoy the pools, hot tub, billiards and sun. Saturday evening, participants will enjoy a catered dinner in the lodge, followed by live music.

This will be an event you won't want to miss.

If you ride a motorcycle or know anyone who does, please help spread the word. Participants will receive a free t-shirt.

Looking to help? Looking to volunteer?

Jeff needs some volunteers to help with the "Rally In The Valley" on the 26th. If you are interested in helping, before or on the day of the event, please let Jeff or Sylvia in the office know.

Not a bike rider? We will be offering a package meal pass for the "Rally In The Valley", details in next weeks newsletter.


In appreciation of everyone at the Valley and their continued support of Skelly's over the years,Skelly's, along with Paradise Valley, present Risky Business, one of Atlanta's premier party bands forParadise Valley's first live music night!"

Get ready to dance...... Not only will the Rally In The Valley be so much fun, but Scott & Kelly have graciously agreed to co-host a live band on Saturday night, August 26th. The band is "Risky Business" although, some people refer to the band as "one of Atlanta's best party & dance bands."They play everything from the 70's on up. It's a lot of the same music we play at the dances. All the good dance, fun stuff. Their website is and you can see their playlist and bios on the site.