Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Night at the Valley!

Parti Gras at the Valley

If you travel to New Orleans, you will find the city filled with party goers, looking to enjoy Marti Gras. Yes, it is that time of year already. For those who are not familiar with the story behind Marti Gras, here is some basic information.

Mardi Gras always falls on the Tuesday that is 46 days before Easter. It is always the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent.

Carnival refers to the season of revelry before Mardi Gras. It begins officially on January 6th, which is known as Twelfth Night or King's Day, so named because if falls 12 days after Christmas on the day Wise Men are said to have reached Bethlehem.

Here at the Valley, we celebrate Marti Gras, the Valley way. Parti Gras is a special night of dinning, dancing and fun. This years party was hosted by the Valley's own promotional directors, Barry and Annjoy.

If you missed the party on Saturday night, you need to mark your calendar for next year. This year's party included a free buffet provided by Barry and Annjoy of New Orleans specialties.

If you are not a member, you can purchases an evening pass for $25 per couple. So come on out to the Valley for an evening of nude dancing and fun.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Construction Zone

Dump trucks, tractors and graders, what's in store for the Valley?

In the past few years, Paradise Valley has added a conversation pool, outdoor hot tub and a 11,000 square foot lodge. Currently Paradise Valley is added condominiums, known as lodges. These units are available for purchase, and my be added to the rental program.

If you are interested in finding out more on the new condos at Paradise Valley in Dawsonville Georgia, please call 706-265-6110 or stop by the office and ask for Elly.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why No Coolers?

Since taking over as manager of Paradise Valley in Dawsonville Georgia, I have been asked by so many guests why they are no longer allowed to bring coolers into the pool area. The reason is simple, with the addition of the new lodge and the new liquor license, guests are no longer allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the enclosed pool & lodge area.

In order to control and enforce this county requirement, Paradise Valley has instituted a no cooler policy. Please feel free to enjoy your drinks in your rental unit, but while on the grounds, please respect the " no cooler" policy.

If you have never visited Paradise Valley, stop in and tour the grounds. Let us introduce you to a new way to enjoy life. Please ask for Sylvia or Jeff for a no obligation tour.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Day Off

Yes, even the manager has a day off. Today I took the day off to be with my family.

While relaxing and enjoying my day to rest, I spent a moment and reflected on the past week. As many of you have heard, this was not a planned career change, the opportunity was offered to me and I accepted.

In the first week at the Valley, I have revised the policies and procedures for internal operations and controls. made several changes at the lodge, prepared a marketing plan for Paradise Valley and of course, started this blog.

In the next few weeks I hope to do some painting to make the resort look clean and neat, add some signs to assist new guests and start promoting the resort to groups in the Atlanta area.

Please remember, this is your club, your community, please help keep it clean and neat. It will help all of us and make the time we spend at the Valley much more enjoyable.

For all those members who have wished me luck and offered kind words, I thank you and look forward to working with you in the future..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Massage At Paradise Valley

I have been asked by many guests if I plan to still offer massage therapy this summer at the Valley. The answer is Yes. I plan to be in the main office, near the gate, Monday - Friday and working poolside offering massage and talking to the guests and members on Saturday.

We will also have another massage therapist working with me this summer. The cost for a one hour massage is $65. Appointments are available during the week for massage therapy, please ask at the front desk.

Appointments for poolside massages on the weekends will be handled through the boutique.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Stop and Meet The Manager

As with any change, it takes some time till everything calms down. I have now been on the job for less than a week and things in the office are starting to get on a schedule.

I ordered a sign to put near the gate house that reads, " Please Stop, and Meet The New Manager." I would like for all guests, members and residents to stop and meet me. I would love your comments, feedback and suggestions. Just remember, I am looking forward and not back. I can't change the past, just the way we view the past.

In life, we can shift our views, but we can't go back and re-live yesterday. So lets put the past management and staff behind us and see what we need to do to improve the Valley.

I think we can quickly improve the activities and entertainment at the Valley and have a great time. Lets face it, we are at the Valley to party and have a good time and that is what we will do.

So don't forget, if we have not met, please stop by the office and meet me.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Would You Like To Be A Valley Girl or Couple?

Would you like to be a Valley Girl, Valley Guy or Couple?

As the official Paradise Valley Blogger, I am looking for a few special people who would like to be interviewed for the blog. I am only looking for a few interesting stories, a couple of "G" rated pictures and your first name only.

Maybe you have been a member for more than 10 years and seen the changes, maybe you are new to the Valley, maybe you are new to Georgia. Just a few original stories and pictures to let readers of the blog get a better idea of the mix of members and guests.

If you ever work at the front desk and answer the phone, you will find we receive calls from potential members who are interested, curious and even scared. They just don't know what to expect. So I am looking to share with the " clothing optional curious crowd" what the Valley is all about.

Please stop by the office and speak to Jeff or Sylvia.

New Construction At Paradise Valley

For those members and guests who have heard about the lodges at Paradise Lakes but wondered when they would be built. The time has come. Construction has begun. The contractor has prepared the site, the curbs and gutters are all poured and the water and sewer lines are being installed. I expect the gravel for the roadbed to arrive this week.

From what I have seen, the contractor is doing a great job and his job superintendent is on site each and every day. I am sure the new units will be the talk of the resort. If you are interested in purchasing a unit, either for personal use, investment or both, contact Elly at Paradise Valley at 706-265-6110.

These units overlook the pool and lodge and will be in walking distance to everything. If you are interested in the new units, call Elly and tell her you read about the lodges on Jeff's blog.

Hope to see you at the Valley in the near future. Remember, were bringing the fun back to the Valley.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Pool and Lodge At Paradise Valley

( Picture of the main pool and lodge)

A few years ago, the owners of Paradise Valley built a new 11,000 square foot lodge. The lodge is beautiful inside, with a large stone fireplace, wood ceilings, and a state of the art dance floor with lights and speakers. The lodge is famous for its long, wood bar. Lisa the bartender will pour you a drink while you watch the members dancing in the lodge or the nude guests and members splashing in the pool.

As with all improvements and changes, due to Dawson County liquor laws, no beverages may be brought into the pool area or lodge. So in order to comply with this ordinance, there is a strictly enforced " NO COOLER" policy in the pool area.

Also, no beverages may be carried past the gate as you exit the pool area.

Since this seemed to cause some confusion and problems last summer, I ordered signs and plan to install them this week that clearly state "No Coolers Allowed in the pool area" and " No beverages allowed outside the gate area."

I hope these professional looking signs will clear up any confusion with the drink policy.

Funny thing is, I have heard complaints from members that they liked the olden days when you could save money and bring your own alcoholic drinks. Maybe I am missing something, but you would never think about bringing your drink or food from home to a restaurant like Longhorn to save money. It is a package deal, enjoy the pools, enjoy the air-conditioned lodge with satellite TV and respect the local liquor laws. This will go a long way to improving your experiences at the Valley.

By the way, the resort offers an indoor pool, an out-door pool, an out-door hot tub and a large heated conversation pool. If you would like to visit Paradise Valley for a day and see for yourself, call Sylvia at the Valley at 706-265-6110 and tell her you read this on Jeff's blog and you will be my guest for the day.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Food Service At The Valley

( photo of the restaurant)

As the new manager of Paradise Valley, I am excited to report that one of the members, Bill, has made arrangements with the owners to operate the restaurant. Bill has tremendous restaurant & catering experience as well as knowledge of the Valley.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have Bill operating the restaurant. He prepared a special meal for a Valentine's Day party and the comments from the members are exciting. Everyone was so happy with the meal and can't wait for Bill to open for the season.

My estimate is that the restaurant will be open for business by the 17th of March. I spoke with Bill concerning a special meal package plan. If you recall many years ago, major hotels and resorts offered an American plan or a European plan or a modified European plan.

I hope to be able to share with you a package plan, offering accommodations for two nights, Dinner on Friday night, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, followed by a fun filled party in the lodge, and of course, Breakfast on Sunday morning.

All this fun and excitement for one low price. Stay tuned for details.

If you plan to visit Paradise Valley, please stop in and enjoy the food at the restaurant. The food is great and the prices are reasonable.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My First Day As Manager

( Picture of the new lodge at Paradise Valley in Dawsonville Georgia)

When I was asked by Joe, the owner of Paradise Valley to become the next General Manager of the Valley, I was not sure what to say. I am a massage therapist and I worked at the Valley last summer. Everyone at the pool looked like they were having a great time, but the mood was just not right.

I heard mixed comments. Some long time members were unhappy with the improvements, others were unhappy with the new "no cooler" policy. And others were visiting for the first time and felt they really had found paradise. The mix of energy levels at the resort was disturbing.

So when Joe asked me to be the next manager, I was not sure what to do. I love the concept of a clothing optional resort in the North Georgia Mountains, I loved the new improvements and I felt I could offer the resort and its members, stability and professionalism.

I knew I could do a good job for the owners, but I had my concerns, since I remember hearing comments poolside last summer. So I agreed to take the role of manager with one condition. My only demand was that we require everyone involved with the Valley to respect and honor my forward thinking policy Either you are part of the solution, or part of the problem.

As I was driving in to the resort on Wednesday, my first full day on the job, I started thinking about why guests and members visit Paradise Valley. What is the motivating factor?

First of all, there are several nudist / clothing optional choices in the area. Secondly, if clothing optional is not the major reason, there are over 50 lodging choices within 30 miles of Paradise Valley.

The obvious reason people come to Paradise Valley is the ability to swim and party in the nude. Most clothing optional resorts in America do not have the ability to sell liquor.

Guests are not traveling to Paradise Valley for the lodging accommodations, if that was the most important item on their travel plans, they would stay at the Ritz or the Four Seasons in downtown Atlanta.

Guests are not coming to Paradise Valley for fine dining with white linen table clothes. If that is what they are looking for, they would visit Atlanta and dine at one of the Buckhead Life Group Restaurants, like Blue Point.

It was clear to me that guests and members are coming to Paradise Valley to enjoy the sunshine in the nude, to swim in a large pool nude ( leave the swimsuit at home) , and to meet and party with like minded couples and singles.

So my first order of business is to focus on the members needs, including the pool-side activities and the evening parties. At the Valley, we are very lucky to have a couple who donates their time and energy, promoting the Valley and coordinating the entertainment. This couple writes a weekly newsletter for the Valley, so if you are interested in Paradise Valley and you are not receiving their newsletter, please let me know and I will be sure you are added to the list.

Ok, so my first day on the job, the water lines connected to the well broke. I had planned to meet with staff, work on the computer and learn the policies and procedures. Instead I had my first hands on experience at the Valley, fixing and repairing the water lines.

I enjoyed meeting so many members and residents. A special thanks to Claude for assisting in the water repair.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bringing The Fun Back To The Valley!

Yes, we are bringing fun back to the Valley, Paradise Valley in Dawsonville Georgia. For those who did not realize we have a clothing optional resort in North Georgia, or who have not visited the Valley since the name change, here is the history behind Paradise Valley.

In 1978, nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, a dream was born. Located on 110 acres of wooded creek-side mountain property, Hidden Valley opened their doors to nudist and sun-worshipers alike. A few years ago, the owners of Paradise Lakes in Florida purchased Hidden Valley and changed the name to Paradise Valley. For all of us who have a special place in our heart for Hidden / Paradise Valley, we affectionately call it " The Valley."

Over the past few years, the Valley has undergone many changes. It has grown from a RV/campground to a full fledge resort. The owners have build an 11,000 square foot lodge which houses a complete liquor bar, dance floor and state of the art sound system. The lodge also is home to a unique boutique, featuring club fashions that you will only find at the Valley.

This could not have happened without the help, assistance and support of its members and residents. The valley is home to many faithful and friendly members. Each weekend you will see these proud members working on their units and on their tans. ( without lines of course)

In 2006 Paradise Valley is proud to announce the addition of two new multi-family lodges. These lodges are 8 units each and are being sold as condominiums. Owners will be able to place their units on a rental program when they are not using them.

So you might ask why a blog and why the title for this blog.

Paradise Clubs ( the Valley in Georgia and the Lakes in Florida) has a wonderful web site for both resorts. This site is designed to give the viewer information on the resorts, including prices and directions. As the new manager of Paradise Valley, I want the viewers of this blog to get a feel for the fun and caring atmosphere at the Valley. I want readers to have a chance to ask questions and receive honest and genuine feedback from guests and members, not only from management.

If you have considered visiting a clothing optional resort, you must have questions and concerns. This site will allow you to " get a feel for the resort" before you drive through the main gate.

Also, during the past few years, the Valley has experienced several staff and management changes. Although this is common with ownership changes and major improvements to any business, the members are ready for a long-term manager. I come to the Valley with extensive resort and hospitality management experience. I am here to make sure all guests and members have a safe, fun filled enjoyable stay. My goal is to bring the fun back to the Valley.

If you wish to make a comment or ask a question, please feel free. If you have a complaint or concern, please feel free to e mail me directly. I answer all e mails personally.

Welcome To Paradise!